Ho Ho Ho!

We had a wonderful Christmas. My dad came and picked Emma and I up on Tuesday so we could spend some extra time down in Pleasant Grove. It took us 3 hours to get there in the snow instead of the 1 1/2 hours it usually takes....fun times indeed! I offered to wrap presents for my mom cause she had to work. I might reconsider that offer next time. She basicaly buried me in a pile of toys for the grandkids. I wrapped from 1pm to 6pm. That's right! FIVE hours. I did a marvelous job though and I am pretty sure it was appreciated. My mom usually waits til late Christmas Eve to get the job done. This year our Christmas party at my aunts house was early so we were home hangin' out by around 7:00pm. It was unusual but lovely! We had a good time at the party and Emma had one last chance to sit on Santa's lap and make her requests. Of course our disk ran out on our video camera just as it was her turn...go figure. We got lots of pictures though. Emma asked for a mermaid and a pink soccer ball. She is a funny girl. She also asked for kitty earrings...this was a challenge...but Aunt Trisha came through and found some Christmas Eve. Emma was completely spoiled on Christmas and loved every minute.
My favorite gifts are my new down pillows...thanks Ike...and maternity pants from Trisha. My belly is super happy! Emma seems to love EVERYTHING she got. She has played with it all over and over. Callie and Bobbie got her a baby alive that poops and pees. I think Callie wishes it was her present! Emma slept with it Christmas Eve and played with it all day on Christmas. She loves it! We just came home last night from Pleasant Grove and found that Santa had left Emma a new dollhouse by our Christmas tree. It is HUGE! It comes up to my shoulder. She can't even reach the top level. Hopefully she will get lots of use out of this. So far it is her new house for Snow White and all seven dwarfs that she got from Grandpa Cashew. We were all very well fed...thanks Mom and Dad...and spoiled...again, thanks Mom and Dad. My parents favorite gift had to be Guitar Hero World Tour! Jake and Jamie, Maryn, and Ivan and I went in on this gift for them. As Maryn said, "it's the gift that keeps on giving!" I think they were surprised if nothing else. haha
Sunday was the two year anniversary of Joey's passing. It was a tough day. Christmas was hard for me also. We got a digital picture frame and decided to try it out. My dad put in a memory stick and the first pictures that played were of Joey on the four wheeler with all the kids. That brought every emotion to the surface. It feels like it has been forever....yet it feels like it happened only yesterday. Once again we are all grateful for this time of year to reflect on the birth and life of the Savior. It is such a comfort knowing that we can have a forever family. Yesterday we went and visited the cemetary. I like going there. Sometimes it is good for us to just take a minute to remember. I sure do miss him.
This year has been good to us. We are grateful for all that we have and are looking forward to the new year with all the adventures it has in store for us. A week from tomorrow Ivan has an interview in North Dakota. It is frightening and exciting all at the same time to think we might be taking this next big step in our lives. I am proud of Ivan and all that he has accomplished. He deserves a good job that he enjoys. I hope that we will find some answers. We are also looking forward to "Christmas" with the Mills family the end of January. We have an old school house rented that we are staying at and have some snowmobiles reserved. It should be a great time. I guess I will get to just sit back and watch the fun since I will be 8 months pregnant by then. We had a great time when we did something similar to this at Bear Lake a few years ago. Can't wait!


Christmas Fun!

We had such a fun night last night. Ivan really needed some new shoes (he said he lost his soul...haha) so we started out at Smith and Edwards. He found shoes in about ten minutes. I was impressed. Then we headed to Jumbo Burger and got some dinner. Next it was the lights at Willard Bay. We drove through and looked at all the beautiful lights. Emma loved it! Then they had horse drawn wagon rides. We had to wait about twenty minutes for that but it was worth it! We got to go around and see all the lights again. When we were done on our ride we got to meet Santa and Emma was able to tell him what she wanted for Christmas. She told him she wants a pink soccer ball (I discovered this just means a ball to kick) and a mermaid. She should be a happy girl on Christmas morning. We figured this will be our last year with just one kid so she will be spoiled rotten! After Santa we had hot cocoa and headed home. I wish we had more time to do things like this as a family. We had so much fun!



We had kind of a crazy Thanksgiving this year. Callie and her husband Bobbie came from Colorado to visit so we did Thanksgiving dinner with the Workman side. We had the usual fantastic dinner at Alenes house. I took Callie's family pictures on Thanksgiving, which was a little crazy, but we got it done. They turned out so cute! I was so happy to get to spend some time with Callie and Bobbie and the girls. I hadn't seen Callie in about six months since she moved away. I love that girl!

The day after Thanksgiving Ivan had to work so we headed back up to Corinne. The Mills family had a Pheasant shoot in Promontory that day. The boys and older kids spent the day out there and the rest of us met up with them for lunch. It was a fun day spent with the Mills'. I was just sad that Ivan couldn't be there. Emma had so much fun with her little cousins. They are all around the same age. That night we had to head back to Pleasant Grove. On Saturday morning my sister in law Jacky went through the temple. It was such a great day. We have had a lot of opportunity recently to attend the temple. We were able to go when my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Layne went through and were sealed in July. Then on our anniversary in August we attended the sealing of Ivan's cousin KC and his wife Wendy. I was able to be there last month in the Draper temple as my cousins Nikki and Ashley went through. Then we attended Nikki's sealing in the Salt Lake Temple. We had quite the experience that day. My parents were both there. I noticed as the sealer began talking that my parents were acting strange...more than usual. :) My mom pointed out that the sealers name tag read Don K. White. My dads name is Don Keith Barlow. He was named after one of the missionaries (Don Keith White) that introduced the gospel to my Grandparents in Georgia before my dad was born. We were all in suspense as we waited to find out if this was that same man. He mentioned as he began that his middle name was Keith...Daniel (the groom) also has the middle name of Keith. When we finished up in the sealing room my parents walked up to this man. My mom asked if he had served a mission in Moultrie, Georgia a LONG time ago. He responded that he had. My mom looked to my dad and said "this man is named after you. His name is Don Keith Barlow." The sealer looked at them and said, "Lincoln?" That was my Granddaddy's name. He remembered after 60+ years this couple that he had taught the gospel to. It was such a great experience for all of us to witness as my dad met his name sake and the man who was responsible for bringing our entire family to the gospel. I am so grateful that I have the gospel in my life. I can't imagine not having the knowledge that we can live together with our families forever. This time of year is hard in our family. We are coming up on two years since Joey passed away. I think the only thing that gets us all through it is our testimonies of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am grateful for the holiday season and the time we get to spend with family and to remember the Savior.


Family Pics

So I decided it was time to have another family picture taken. This is a strange thing for me seeing how I never want pictures taken...especially when I am pregnant. I just got it in my head that we needed a new picture before the baby gets here. My cousin Ashley was kind enough to take these for us! She did a wonderful job! Thanks Ash. I have only edited a couple so far...so here they are.


We had such a fun Halloween this year. We went down to Pleasant Grove and got to go trick or treating with all the cousins. It was good to spend a little time with Matt and Jacky and their cute kids. We don't get to see them very often. We also had fun carving pumpkins with Grandma Cocoa. I taught Emma to call her that...I think it's hilarious. I even got Ike to dress up. He thinks that Halloween is the dumbest holiday ever...I think it's the best!!! Our costumes were awesome if I do say so myself....just wish I would have got a few more pics. I was impressed that Josh also dressed up. His family was so cute! I love Abby the football! My mom watched Emma that night so Ivan and I could go and play games at Nikki's new apartment. She is getting married this Friday! So crazy! We also went trick or treating Friday night to Grandma Marjie and Papa Butch's house. Emma was laughing so hard when Grandma came out dressed like a crazy nurse. It was scary!


Miss Emma

I thought I would just post a few more pictures of Emma. Can't get enough! We had dance again yesterday and she had so much fun! Her teacher gave them all halloween headbands after class...she has been wearing it all day! The other pictures are of Emma wearing the adorable skirt that my friend Emily made for her. She looks so cute in it! Thank you Em! This weekend we also went up to Sugar City Idaho to visit Ivan's brother Dave and his family. Their boys are so cute! Emma had a bawl playing with her cousins and it was good to catch up. We ended up having to cut our trip a little short though. Emma had an allergic reaction to amoxicillin she was taking for strep. It was day 8 of taking it so it never really crossed my mind that it could be that. I talked to my sis in law Trisha and she told me that she had had a similar reaction to an antibiotic on day 5. We took Emma to Community Care Sunday and the doc said she is allergic to penicillin. Benadryl took care of the problem but we just have to be careful from now on. The doc said to call our primary physician and make sure they put a flag in her chart stating the allergy. If she were to take it again she could go into anaphylactic shock. Scary stuff. We are happy to have an answer though and Emma's rash is completely gone now.


Our Little Honeybee

This is our little honeybee. Grandma and Grandpa Barlow came up the other day to help with the costume. Grandma made the skirt, I made the wings and headband and sewed on the fluff. Grandpa helped out by entertaining Emalee and by making us some wonderful chili! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa! Yesterday I took Emma for a photo shoot. She was VERY cooperative because she knew that if she smiled and did what I said I would let her play on the playground. She is a good sport! Love the costume, love the pictures, but most of all LOVE the kid!


Emma and her Daddy

Emma sure loves her daddy. She talks about him constantly and wants to know when he is coming home from work. That boy works ALOT! When he comes home though he is more than happy to spend time with his little girl. The other day Emma found some sparklers left over from the fourth of july. She wanted daddy to take her outside and do "sprinklers." He is such a good sport. It was cold outside but they had lots of fun. I also took a couple cute pictures of Emma and Ike outside our house. I noticed that their clothes matched and they were both lookin good so I snapped a few.
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