Oh summertime. I love these pictures of sweet Emma. I can't wait to play in the sunshine!

Joey's Book

I am currently working on a book on Joey's life. If anyone has any pictures or stories they would like to share that would be great.

Christmas 2008

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. We were able to go to Pleasant Grove and spend Christmas with my family. My Grandma Barlow was here from Georgia and we had a great time visiting with her. Emma was spoiled rotten as usual and had so much fun playing with her cousins. It was hard not having Joey there for Christmas and was hard seeing the first year anniversary of his death come so soon. We miss him so much!

We also celebrated Christmas with Ivan's family a few weeks before Christmas. We all went and stayed at his sister Melissa's beautiful new home. This year we decided to do something a little different and adopted a family to buy Christmas gifts for. We usually draw names and buy for one of Ivan's siblings and their family. We took the money we would have spent on that and each bought for a child from our adopted family. We had so much fun shopping all together at WalMart for this little family. Their mother had been in a car accident and was in a coma. The 5 little girls are all living with their grandparents in a single wide trailer. It is always a blessing to have the opportunity to help someone in need. We all wrapped the gifts together and were able to see what everyone got. We also donated a Christmas tree and decorations and some food and clothing for the adults. It was an experience we won't forget. Thank you Melissa for letting us come and stay.

Nanny Goat

There is this fat little goat that lives next door to us who really likes to be a pest. He chases us in the house and tries to headbutt us. I told my brother Jake about this during Christmas and he gave me a bb gun to try out on little goatie. Callie and I put it to the test the other day and had so much fun! Unfortunately the goat doesn't mind being shot by the bb gun. I called Jake and let him know we were going to need a bigger gun. Now we mostly just chase the goat home or let him hang out. I think he might just really like us. Sometimes I look out the window and see him staring at me...little freak!

Miss Mess

I love this picture of Miss Emma. She is such a mess! She has chocolate all over her face and the hat really tops it off! She is such a funny little girl! This picture was taken at Ivan's brother Dusty's house just after Thanksgiving. We had such a fun time with Dusty, Maren, and Kadee.
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