Photo Shoot

We decided to take it easy this weekend and just stay home for the 24th. I have been wanting to take these pictures of Emma for a while now and am happy to finally have them done! Enjoy!


The Funny Things She Says

This little girl is a crack up. I thought I would take a minute and write down a few of the funny things she says. After Callie had moved to Colorado, Ivan came home one night and was really busy. Later that night Ivan said, "wow, where did the day go." Emma always has an answer for everything and responded, "maybe it went to Colorado with Callie!" Probably.
Last week I went to Ogden with Janelle to run some errands. Emma was in the back of the van with the boys and I had given her some gum. She ended up with it in her hair! I didn't worry too much about it 'cause I knew I could get it out. That night before her bath I got the peanut butter out and went to work. Peanut Butter works miracles on gum! As I was combing out the last little bit of gum and peanut butter from her hair Emma looked deep in thought and said, "Hey! I'm not Bread!" Indeed.
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