Visit from Grandpa Cashew and Grandma Coco

My parents came to visit us the middle of April. They stayed in a hotel in Amarillo this time and were able to stay for several days. We had lots of fun with them here. For Emma's birthday my parents had sent her a new rock collection. When they got to our house Grandpa came with even more rocks and some awesome magnetic rocks for Levi!

We went and visited Palo Duro Canyon and loved it so much that we went back a few days later. Texas is really flat. News flash...I know. As you drive out to this canyon it seems like you are driving to the middle of nowhere and you can't imagine you will see anything cool when you get there. You have to drive DOWN to get into this canyon. I think of it more like a giant crack in the ground. I notice something different every time we go. The rock is so red and reminds us so much of Southern Utah. We found out that they have these cool little rock cabins that you can rent for the night. We found one that was empty and went in to check it out. They are really small and are just one room. They have a heating and air conditioning unit, a big bunk bed, a small fridge and microwave and a table with two chairs. We hope to find a weekend to go and stay before the end of the summer. We might wait and go this fall when it is cooler though. It will be so fun to spend the day exploring and then go back to the cabin and play games and pop popcorn and have a sleepover.

 We stopped at the visitors center where they have lots of historical things to look at and tons of books and jewelry and things to buy. Grandma and Grandpa bought Levi a new book and Emma and I got new earrings! I think Grandma bought at least 3 pair for herself as well. They also have a telescope thing that you can look through to check out the canyon. Pretty cool.

Checkin' out the view.


They got bubblegum too...hence the chipmunk cheeks.

 The second time we went to the canyon we found this cool cave that you can hike up to. The kids thought it was so cool and when you get inside there is even a skylight! Ivan took them all the way up while Grandma and I waited about half way. We didn't plan on hiking and were both wearing sandles. Grandpa waited back at the car and was surprised to see the kids go all the way up. It is a steep little hike and really rocky but it isn't long at all.
Writing on rocks...with rocks.

Checking out the ants.

Pretty wildflowers.

Skylight inside the cave.


  We love to drive through the canyon. So much to see. Sometimes the water goes over the road and we get to splash really big in the car. We feel fortunate to live so close to such a beautiful place.

Love this cute kid.

Texas Longhorns as you enter the canyon.

We had fun just hanging out a home too. We had steak on the grill one day. Levi likes to help.

He is so goofy.
Ivan is really just a little boy.
They had fun playing with the magnetic dolls. This little boy worries me sometimes! haha

We had fun checking out a big western story with Grandma and Grandpa. Check out these good lookin' cowfolk.

Someone that my mom works with told her she had to try a BBQ place called Rudy's while she was here. We hadn't been there before it was sooooo good. This place is too cool for plates. Everything comes in waxed paper.
They give you bread to go with all your meat and my dad literally squeeeeealed when he saw this bread! I thought something was wrong until I realized he was just excited. This is the bread his mommy bought when he was growing up. Who knew just plain white bread would make him so happy? We found out that they also have amazing breakfast burritos so my parents picked some up the day they left and brought them to us for breakfast.

This brisket was amazing!

Rudy himself. LOL!

We also tried a steakhouse that is in the middle of nowhere between Canyon and Hereford. They are only open on the weekends. They have an all you can eat buffet with catfish and hush puppies. My dad said it was good. The rest of us had steak. :) We also went to our favorite Mexican place in Amarillo called The Plaza. They have something called a crispy relleno. It is a big chili stuffed with chicken, battered and fried and put on a bed on queso! Super good.

We had fun at the park too!

Emma usually just plays with rocks and sticks. She is a creative little girl!

The last day they were here we went to the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum here in Canyon. They have so much to see! Emma was at school that day so it was just me and Levi and my parents.

We are so happy that they came to visit us!

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