Miss Emma

I thought I would just post a few more pictures of Emma. Can't get enough! We had dance again yesterday and she had so much fun! Her teacher gave them all halloween headbands after class...she has been wearing it all day! The other pictures are of Emma wearing the adorable skirt that my friend Emily made for her. She looks so cute in it! Thank you Em! This weekend we also went up to Sugar City Idaho to visit Ivan's brother Dave and his family. Their boys are so cute! Emma had a bawl playing with her cousins and it was good to catch up. We ended up having to cut our trip a little short though. Emma had an allergic reaction to amoxicillin she was taking for strep. It was day 8 of taking it so it never really crossed my mind that it could be that. I talked to my sis in law Trisha and she told me that she had had a similar reaction to an antibiotic on day 5. We took Emma to Community Care Sunday and the doc said she is allergic to penicillin. Benadryl took care of the problem but we just have to be careful from now on. The doc said to call our primary physician and make sure they put a flag in her chart stating the allergy. If she were to take it again she could go into anaphylactic shock. Scary stuff. We are happy to have an answer though and Emma's rash is completely gone now.


Our Little Honeybee

This is our little honeybee. Grandma and Grandpa Barlow came up the other day to help with the costume. Grandma made the skirt, I made the wings and headband and sewed on the fluff. Grandpa helped out by entertaining Emalee and by making us some wonderful chili! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa! Yesterday I took Emma for a photo shoot. She was VERY cooperative because she knew that if she smiled and did what I said I would let her play on the playground. She is a good sport! Love the costume, love the pictures, but most of all LOVE the kid!


Emma and her Daddy

Emma sure loves her daddy. She talks about him constantly and wants to know when he is coming home from work. That boy works ALOT! When he comes home though he is more than happy to spend time with his little girl. The other day Emma found some sparklers left over from the fourth of july. She wanted daddy to take her outside and do "sprinklers." He is such a good sport. It was cold outside but they had lots of fun. I also took a couple cute pictures of Emma and Ike outside our house. I noticed that their clothes matched and they were both lookin good so I snapped a few.

Long time...no blog!

I bought this little wooden bus for Emma the other day at Walmart. She wanted to paint something and it was 89 cents. I was amazed at how meticulous she is. she painted the entire top of the bus without getting paint anywhere else including the rest of the bus. We will have to buy a couple more for her to paint. She was very quiet and concentrated until it was finished. She even painted the steering wheel inside with a sponge brush...I'm not sure I could do that. Anyway, I was pretty impressed. She colors and draws constantly but we rarely bust out the paints.
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