Cute kids in the snow

Here are a few cute pictures I took for my christmas card this year. Enjoy! :)

Sledding and a busy winter schedule...

We have been sooooo busy! I have had lots of craft shows and did a big sale on my website. Ivan has been busy with work and scouts. I have had a couple a fun relief society activities. I also had to give my first ever Relief Society lesson this past Sunday. I had way more prepared than I had time for and felt like it went really well. I had an openhouse at my house Tuesday and I have one last craft show all day this Saturday. Tomorrow I am taking family pictures for a friend and Sunday I get to speak in Sacrament meeting with the rest of our relief society presidency. Then on Monday I will begin my journey to UTAH! Whew!
Today we met a few friends at McDonalds where they have a nice big playground indoors. The kids had a blast and the girls enjoyed visiting. This afternoon we met up again and took the kids sledding. Emma had a BLAST! She was just running up the hill as fast as she could. It was in the upper 20's today and felt like a heat wave! The sun was melting the snow on the roads and the snow was dripping off my roof. By the time we were done sledding though we were pretty frozen. I need to buy me some heavy duty winter boots. The only boots I own are the really slick kind with foam bottoms and no traction. I think I will do some shopping when I get to Utah. While the kids were sledding I dubbed myself the camera man and really enjoyed watching them have a good time. When we got home Emma and I made some delicious Stephens hot cocoa and she sat and watched Rudolph. I don't think life gets much better than that. :) Here are a bunch of pictures!
Emma and Lexy flying down the hill!

Maybe too fast!

Some of the group...

Emma and Lexi

Mandy Miller's crazy boys...

Kelli and little Lexy

The Freeze kids

McKylie and Emma

Emma and Reddik having a good time...
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