We're still here!

Wow! Life is flying by lately! We are still here though...and doing well. Miss Emma started Kindergarten and is loving it! She is changing so much and so fast! Ivan said last night that he was glad she was coming out of her shell but that maybe she should go back in just a little bit. haha

Ivan is busy, busy at work. A few months ago he was promoted from assistant manager to manager. He really enjoys his job but has alot of responsibility. He is doing a great job and we are so proud of him!

Levi is growing everyday and has the funniest little personality. He is all BOY! He is into everything and really keeps us moving. We had a rough two weeks when school started. Levi had double ear infections...again...and ended up with a bad rash from the amoxicillin. Looks like both our kids are allergic to penicillin. He has an appointment in october with an ear, nose, throat speciailist to see about getting tubes in his ears. I hope they figure out something to make him feel better. He constantly has ear infections.

Emma started coughing practically the first day or school and stayed home several days the second week of school with strep. Did I mention we went to 4 different doctors in 10 days. NOT my idea of a fun time. Both kids seem to be doing much better now. We hope they keep it up.

I have been super busy working a few days a week at the flower shop, being a mom and taking care of all of my church responsibilities. Our ward is growing like you wouldn't believe! They read in an average of about 4 families each week! Looks like a ward split is in the works. Our job as a relief society presidency has been very challenging this summer. We are mostly focusing on trying to meet and greet all the new people and try to get names straight. As the winter comes the growth will slow down.

The town of Williston is booming! There is so much traffic! I hate to even drive at this point...which unfortunately, is unavoidable. There are huge ruts at each stop light from semi's stopping on the hot asphalt over the summer. When I was taking Emma to school this morning I had to wait behind 15 cars at one stop sign and had about that many cars behind me. I don't see how this little town is going to keep up with the growth. Then at Walmart this morning there was over 30 grocery carts full of returns at the front of the store. Businesses are having a hard time competing with oil field wages and have very little help. Customers are getting frustrated waiting in long lines and often leave their full carts of groceries sitting there and leave the store. It really is a mess!

But...we really love the people here and all the friends we've made. We feel that we are right where we were intended to be at this time. It is an amazing thing to watch this growth...especially to watch the growth of the gospel in the little part of a big world. The missionaries here are keeping very busy and have baptisms almost weekly. Pretty amazing.

Well, that's all I have time for today. I have been doing quite a bit of photography and have lots of editing to get done today before scouts and church meetings tonight. I will be making lots of posts this week...so stay tuned! We have all summer to catch up on. :)

Here are a few pictures of Miss Emma on the first day of school. Can you tell who picked the outfit? I love the grouchy face...she didn't want to go the first day. Ivan had to walk her out to the playground with the other kids while the parents met with the teacher. She loves to go to school now though. She goes by Emalee at school because there is another Emma in her class. The little girl hugging her in the picture is Emma. I love how easy it is to make friends when you're 5.
As we said goodbye that day we had one really tear filled Daddy. I am so glad that Emma was blessed with such good Daddy that would take time off work to be there on her special first day of school.

Yes she is about a foot shorter than everyone else in her class! She is now in the 10th percentile for weight and the 15th for height. Levi is down to the 55th percentile and doesn't seem quite as huge as he once was.
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