North Dakota

So...we are moving to North Dakota! This is a crazy thought to me! I feel like Ivan and I should be a lot more stressed out about the whole thing. There is no doubt in our minds that we are making the right decision. We drove the 13 hours to Williston on Sunday the 3rd. Ivan had an interview with them on the 5th. We were able to spend monday looking around the town and getting a feel for the area. It seems like a nice place to live and the people are very friendly. It is very close to the Canadian border and the people there have very strange accents...they probably think the same about us! Our biggest concern so far is to find somewhere to live. We didn't find a single apartment to even look at while we were there. We have some really good frineds that live there, Mandy and Logan, and they have been a great resource. I'm sure that something will work out. In the meantime the company is going to pay for Ivan to live in a hotel. Ivans interview went very well and they seemed to be impressed. They came back with an offer two days later. It feels like we've been talking about this job possibility forever but now that it's here it seems soooo fast! I guess I should mention what the job is. Ivan will be the assistant manager at a Viterra plant. They process peas and lentils. He will be training to take over the position as manager in the next 5 years. I'm not sure exactly what he will be doing, but he is very excited about the job. Now he will be able to get to work on his Thesis and graduate by the end of the year. As soon as we find somewhere to live we will have everything moved out there and I will probably just stay with my parents. We also have to find someone to rent or buy our home here as well. It is going to be an exhausting couple of months! It feels like pretty horrible timing. Ivan starts his new job on February 1st! I am going to hang out in Utah until I have the baby the beginning of March. Hopefully my doctor will induce me so that Ivan can try to make it here in time. If he doesn't make it here I am confident that I have lots of family and friends that will be here to help me. Ivan really hates hospitals anyway and would probably prefer to show up afterwards...he nearly passed out when I had Emma and was getting my epidural! We are looking forward to this new adventure!

Happy New Year!

We had a fun New Years Eve this year. We just went and hung out at my parents house with the fam. I think the best part was the silly string. That should be a tradition for sure. They had it last year and Grandma made sure to pick some up this time as well. The kids had so much fun and made a total mess! Emma has never seen silly string and was a little shocked at first and couldn't get hers to work...but Jake helped her and she had a blast. We had tons of great food and just played games, hung out, and rocked out on guitar hero on the wii. Emalee made her own little drum set and played along...way cute! Then she decided to help Jamie by sitting on her lap...that was about 2am! Fun times. We are looking forward to a wonderful and adventurous 2010.
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