Hangin' out in PG-Summer Catchup

We spent a lot of time playing in Grandma Barlow's backyard while we were in Utah. Grandma bought a couple new swimming pools for the kids to play in and they had a blast! Oh yeah...can't forget the awesome squirt guns!

Levi and Brayden play so cute together...

And lots of pictures of the kids havin' a good time. Grandpa handed out LOTS of popicles!

Visiting Grandpa Butch

Grandpa Butch got in a farm accident while we were in Utah so we went up to visit him one Sunday. We are so happy that he didn't get hurt worse! He has an old tractor that slips into gear sometimes and this time it ran him over! OUCH! His arm was just black and he said his leg looked the same way. He also broke a tooth and his collar bone. He is one lucky man.
Melissa and her family came down to see Grandpa too and it was so good to see them...even if it was just for a little while. Dusty and part of his family was there for a few minutes too. We don't see them nearly enough!
While we were there I took some quick pictures of the kids to use for Father's day gifts. I used these pictures on each side of a wooden tissue box cover. I painted the boxes brown and used some small rope and buttons to make them super cute. We made one for Grandpa Butch and one for Daddy's office.

We also got to see Grandma's colt while we were there. Kamree was so good with the horses. That little girl is really growing up!

Melissa's kids are a bunch of monkeys!

Levi had a good time playing blocks and trucks with Kolby and Kelton.

And here's a picture of Grandpa's arm. He was on pain pills that day and was pretty sleepy.

Levi is terrified of the Grandpa's dog. :)

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