Still playing catch up.

I hate being this behind on the blog. I still have lots more updates! So here's a few more...

Family fun at the park: One night we decided to go to Arctic Circle for dinner and let the kids play on the playground. My parents and Jake and Jamie came, as well as Josh and Trisha and the kids. It was so fun! We had dinner, and complimentary cones of course, and then the kids played for a bit.

After we played there we decided to go to the Pleasant Grove park which I haven't been to in years. It was seriously so fun! It was perfect weather and what could be better than watching a 9 month pregnant lady swing! haha

Two babies in a swing! They had so much fun...neither one of them noticed that they were swinging together until the end. It was way funny to watch them try to turn around to see eachother.

Hailey felt right at home on the monkey bars!

And so did Jakie...

Emma had a ton of fun with her at the park, especially on the "tickle slide."

Levi was all over the place!...

More of Jamies's belly....because it makes me happy! I just wanted to capture how big she "felt." haha

Brayden was so funny on the monkey bars...I didn't think Josh was going to be able to get him down...

It was a great day at the park. Isn't family wonderful?


Callie Wallie

We were so excited that Callie came to Utah while we were there. She lives in Colorado Springs now and we rarely get to see her. She also brought her mother-in-law with her and we got to finally meet.

Emma had a ton of fun playing in the backyard with Darcy and Abigail. And as you can see, Levi really loves kisses. :)

It was so good to see them and we can't wait until we can go to Colorado to visit them. I keep trying to get them to move here. Would that be AMAZING? Yes, yes it would.

Utah Blaze

The first weekend I was in Utah we got to go to a Utah Blaze game. Jared's dad gave him eight tickets so they invited us to go with them. Josh and Trisha, Jake and Jamie, Maryn and Jared and I all went. We went to Olive Garden for dinner first then headed up to the game. It was SO much fun! My mom was amazing and watched my kids as well as Josh's that night so we could go.

I was really lame and left my camera in the car during the game but I took some awesome pictures in the car! My parents had us take their van so we could all fit. I think we might have had the most fun in the car.

See what I mean?

For those of you who don't know, the Utah Blaze is an arena football team. I did not know this existed. We had REALLY good seats and I felt like I could reach out and touch the players. It really was amazing.....even if Utah lost SO BAD. If you ever get the chance to go to an arena football game I say do it. So fun. Thanks Jared and Maryn for having us go with ya!



The kids and I headed to Utah the tuesday after Russ and Janelle had visited. The 16 hour drive seems to get easier everytime. Levi had woken up extra early that morning, so once we got on the road he slept for about 2 hours. Later he was super mad and ready to be out of the car. I gave him some benadryl which worked like a charm. He slept for about 3 hours then we stopped for lunch. After lunch he fell asleep for another 3 hours. It was divine! Emma is always good in the car and just colored and watched some movies. Levi still slept well that night and was so excited to see Grandma and Grandpa Barlow and be out of the car.
The next day the kids had fun playing in Grandma's back yard.

That night we got to go to my cousin Nate's wedding reception. My parents just bought a brand new van so we all got to ride in that. Jake and Jamie came too. Grandpa and Jake were really excited to sit in the back with Emma and watch a princess movie. The van they bought is a VW. My dad said it has a Chrysler engine and was built in Canada. Kinda funny. It is way nice though and has 3 dvd players. The windows on the doors roll up and down and they have a built in screen on the windows that you can pull up. You can also download your pictures and music right into the van. There is a touch screen in the dashboard where you can play music, look at pictures or watch a movie. It's pretty incredible.

It was so fun to see some cousins I haven't seen forever. My Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Farrell are on an LDS mission in Uganda right now so they had them on Skype. Isn't technology amazing? It was the middle of the night for them...but I'm sure they wouldn't have missed it for the world. They even moved the computer into the other room for dancing. Nate has a band so they were the "wedding band." My cousin John gave a very nice speech and then Nate sang a song to his new wife Eliza. Those Barlow's really know how to party! This first picture is one I took of the Groom's Room. These cousins were just hangin out in there. They said they didn't want to go downstairs because all the girls wanted to dance with them. :)

Here are a few pics I took of the reception center. My cousin Mark's in laws own this place. It is gorgeous! My Aunt Marilyn did the upholstery in the bride's room. VERY nice!

Thanks for stopping by!