School House

Last month we had our "Christmas" with the Mills family. We rented an old school house in Soda Springs. It was so much fun! The school house had lots of rooms and beds so we were all comfortable and we even had our own gym. It was nice to have somewhere to have all the kids go and play. We rented snow mobiles also. The day everyone went snowmobiling was actually TOO snowy so it was pretty short lived. There are a lot of changes happening with everyone in the family right now and it was nice to have the chance to get us all together one last time before we all go our different directions. We had a very spiritual devotional on Sunday morning before we all went home. Each family had a part and I think it is one of those moments we will all remember. I loved watching Grandpa Butch as he got down on the floor and had all the grandkids gather round while he gave them a lesson and bore his testimony. I hope that we will find time in the future to make more memories like this one.
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