First week of summer.

We had a great first week of summer. On Monday I had a meeting for Young Women's then we went to the pool with some friends. The kids had so much fun! I was happy to get some sunshine. :) This pool is just in Canyon and was pretty fun. Our gym in Amarillo has an outdoor pool that is really fun! We went there Saturday as a family and had a blast. We plan on spending lots of time there this summer. They have a fun kids area where the water is just over a foot deep with a slide and guns that you can shoot water at people with. There is also a fun splash pad and big slides for older kids. Emma really wants to learn how to swim this year so we spent most of our time on the deep side while Ivan and Levi played on the kiddie side. We were too busy playing to take any pictures that day though.
Emma got way cold...because it is ALWAYS windy in Texas!

He had a blast!

This is my buddy Hunter.

He had a good time too.

We spent lots of time at the park that week and the kids love just playing in the backyard. Rollie Pollie's are the new favorite way to spend our time. Emma collects whole families of them and Levi likes to bring them in the house to play....and break them in half. :(

Levi and Emma both smashed their fingers in our back door one day. The wind was blowing just right to slam the door as they tried to come in the house. Levi just lost some skin....Emma ended up with a black pinky that we later found out on an x-ray is fractured. Her nail is going to fall off and we had to torture her by sticking a hot needle through the nail to drain it. It is looking much better now though and it doesn't seem to bother her anymore.

I have been VERY busy getting ready for girls camp and am so excited to leave next week! I am the camp director this year and am very grateful that it is stake camp. We have lots of things to do to get ready but it is going to be worth it! I made these cute bags for my girls to put their journals (which I am also making) in and their camp books and scriptures. I used a paper doily as a stencil and free handed their initials for the monogram. Our theme is S.M.I.L.E so I included that as well. It stands for surrounding myself in light everyday. I took these pictures at night with my cell...they are much cuter in person.

I had our leaders draw names for secret sisters this year and am way excited about it. My secret sister is Sister Harmon. She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met!  I know she enjoys sewing so I made her a cute sewing kit in a mason jar. I put batting on the lid and covered it with some scrap fabric I had so the top is a pin cushion. Inside I put the contents of a small sewing kit I got at the dollar store, safety pins and a cut pink measuring tape.

For the second day I made these super cute bobby pins. Brittaney usually has her hair pulled back in a ponytail and uses bobby pins to hold her hair back. I just used bobby pins and buttons I had at home. I slid a round piece of felt into the bobby pin and then glued it to the button. Then I just cut a cute piece of scrapbook paper and put them on it. :)

Brittaney is moving the first week in August so for the last gift I wanted to make her something to put in her home to remind her of us. The young women theme this year is "Standing in Holy Places." I bought this little frame at the dollar store and found the printable on pinterest. I used ribbon and a little flower that I had at home to dress up the frame.

Grandma Marjie will be here a week from today to watch the kids and they can hardly wait! Emma is counting down the days. :) Ivan is my hero and is coming to camp to be one of our priesthood leaders for the week. Our camp this year is 5 hours away so it is hard to get priesthood leaders that can travel that far or stay that long. He is serving as the first counselor in the Young Mens presidency right now and the other priesthood leader that is coming is our Young Mens president so they should have a good time.
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