Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

I have been doing more photography. Check out this adorable baby! This is Miss Autumn. She is 7 weeks old in these pics and belongs to my good friend Elizabeth. We had so much fun changing her clothes and hair bows. I have a ton more to edit but this is a start before I head to Utah tomorrow morning for a MONTH!

Patrick Day and Bowling

We mostly just hung out at home on St. Patrick's day this year. Emma made a fun shirt the other day when she was at my friend Kelli's house. We did her hair so it looked like a four leaf clover (sort of) and added some ribbons to it. Daddy made us some green pancakes for breakfast which were delicious. We had planned on an all green dinner but Ivan was very sick that day so we went with some homemade chicken noodle soup. It was a good day. Emma asked me all day if it was still Patrick Day. She is so funny.
We also went bowling a couple Saturday's ago when my relief society activity was canceled. We went with a few friends and their kids. Emma had so much fun with her little friends and it was good to do something as a family.


The amazing world of the four year old...

Our little girl will be turning 5 years old in a couple weeks! I cannot believe she is that old! She has grown up so much this year and is really looking forward to Kindergarten this fall. She has come out of her little shell and has made a lot of new friends in North Dakota. She even talks to grown ups some times! She is an amazing big sister and shows so much love for her little brother. I laugh when I remember her calling him "a handsome little level." She is such a big helper and loves to take care of her little brother. She is always watching out for him and yells out several times a day "BABY ON THE LOOSE!" Levi is a little trouble maker so it is a good thing he has a big sister to keep him in line. I know exactly how that goes! :)
Miss Emma is a character. The last few months she has decided that she can do lots of things because she is FOUR YEARS OLD! Here are a few of them:
*Four year olds like jam on their pb sandwiches...until now Emma has NOT liked jam. She used to just ask for "peanut butter bread."
*Four year olds are big enough to help put away clothes.
*Four year olds like tomatoes...before she wouldn't even try one.
*Four year olds like strawberries...Emma hated strawberries so much that she would throw a fit at cafe rio when they would put a slice on her plate with her quesadilla.
*Four year olds like oranges too! Emma has always loved veggies but it has taken her FOUR YEARS to learn to like most fruits.
*Four year olds can do lots of things on their own...pick their own clothes and get dressed, say the prayer, make their bed, pick up toys REALLY FAST, give themselves a bath, comb their own hair, and many many cool gymnastics stunts/tricks. Isn't the four year old just amazing?!
Oh yeah, and she also has a little boyfriend named Kasen. He is my friends little boy. She willingly admits that he is her boyfriend but he will NOT admit she is his girlfriend...however he asks his mom every day if she is coming over. They play so cute together and like to whisper to eachother with their noses almost touching. We had them holds hands for the picture in my previous post. It took Emma a minute but she got him to do it! Four year old love! :)

We are so proud of our beautiful little four year old and can't wait to see what new things she will learn when she is FIVE!

More pictures..

So the weather was HORRIBLE on Friday morning when we were supposed to leave for Bismarck...so horrible that the Stake Relief Society President called me at 8am to let me know the RS activity was cancelled. SO glad we didn't go. We had winds up to 50 mph and freezing rain. My friends and I decided that we would still hang around here and go shopping for the day. It was fine for the most part except for when it was a complete white out and we had to stop in the middle of the road. I also got blown into a parked truck while walking into a restaurant...but nothing serious. :) We had a ton of fun! We started at the thrift shops and I found a cool lamp that I will be repurposing for Emma's room. I have a few other similar projects that I will be posting soon. I will also eventually get her room finished and post lots of pictures!
The good news about the activity being cancelled was that I had time to finish editing pictures. WARNING: You are about to experience a serious picture overload! The top are of little Levi and the rest will be my favorites of the Freeze kids.


Sneak Peak

Today I took Levi's one year old pictures. This is the only one I have had time to edit so far. I love learning new ways to take and edit pictures. I probably do everything the hard way but as long as the end result is good I am fine with that. I also took pictures of Emalee and my friends 4 kids today. WHEW! It was a long day and I have spent several hours editing and now the day is far over. Tomorrow I get to head to Bismarck yet again with some fun friends for a 2 day relief society activity. More pictures to come...
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