Visit from Grandma and Grandpa Barlow

My parents came at the end of the same week Ivan's parents visited. We had a great time with them at our house. The kids were so excited to see all of their grandparents that week.
We did a lot of the same things with my parents...but a lot less driving around looking at fields. :) We went to the McKay Seed plant and Ivan showed us around and explained what he does every day. I love hearing him talk about work. I am very proud of the man that he is. He works really hard to provide for our family and is so smart!

We ate more really good food! My dad loves pecan pie. I have never made a pecan pie and don't really enjoy it and I know that it would never compare to my moms pie if I tried. I found a recipe for a pecan cake so my mom and I made that together. It. Was. Amazing.

After we visited Ike's work we stopped by the park in Rosalia so the kids could get out of the car for a minute. Grandma and Grandpa are so good about playing with the kids. We had a good time.

The kids had fun just hanging out at home as well. Emma got to show off what a great reader she is.
We had robin nest in our hanging basket. The week all the grandparents visited is when the eggs hatched! Probably the grossest thing I have ever seen! haha The kids thought it was awesome. The baby birds were so nasty looking. They are just pink with hair. It only took about a week for them to get BIG and fly away. Nature is pretty amazing and I am grateful how much of it we have been able to enjoy in Washington.
Emma was taking gymnastics and Grandma and Grandpa Barlow were here for one of her classes. She had never done gymnastics before and I was amazed at what the teacher had them do! She did all kinds of flips and things. She was a lot out of her comfort zone in the class and had a hard time being brave but I think she enjoyed it.
Grandpa Cashew and a little monkey.
He is so patient with her.

Levi really likes hats.

Emma's turn on the balancing beam.

We are so grateful to have wonderful family on both sides. I was so glad my parents were able to come and spend a little time with us. My mom and I made some adorable pillows for Emma's bed. I love spending time with both of my parents.


Visit from Grandma and Grandpa Mills

In June Ivan's parents came to visit for a few days. We did a lot of driving around and checking out Washington. We went to Ivan's work and gave them a tour. We stopped at a lot of fields and Ivan and Butch talked about different varieties of wheat and barley. I love that they have this connection in agriculture and that they always have something to talk about together.
We also went to the River Front Park in spokane. The kids had a good time on the big wagon slide like always and Levi did a little bird chasing. My camera broke while we were there and I was pretty devastated. We went to have it repaired the next week but it cost enough to repair that we ended up just buying a new camera. I LOVE my new camera.
The rest of the time during Butch and Marjie's visit we spent just visiting and eating really good food. We also took them to Makenzie River Pizzeria. Man we love that place. We were happy that they were able to come and see the beautiful place we live and to spend some time with them.

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Levi the terrible!

This kid is working really hard at being the best terrible two year old EVER! haha Tonight Emma ran in to inform us that Levi painted himself and the chair in the office with baby lotion. He couldn't even walk on the tile because he had so much on him! My office smells of lavender, which is nice, but I better bust out the carpet cleaner in the morning before things start to stick to the carpet! He is really good at climbing and thinks that the barstools exist merely to get him to things he shouldn't have that are up high. One week after church he grabbed one of the stools and pushed it all the way down the hall like he was on a mission. We all followed him to see what he was up to. He put it right in front of his closet and climbed up to pick out a new shirt. He refused to let me help him put it on and was really proud of himself when he got it on inside out and backwards. He tried on a couple of them. He has also been obsessed with the fridge lately. We had a couple egg incidences a few weeks ago. I had boiled some eggs and they were in a bowl in the fridge...I think that's where the fascination began. He got into the ones in the carton next to the boiled ones and added them to the bowl as well. Yep. No idea which ones were boiled at that point. Then a few days later he decided to take a few eggs into our bedroom for some reason. Ivan walked in and I heard him scream like a girl. :) He had 3 eggs and a couple had cracked on the carpet. Oh joy. Ivan was wonderful, as usual, and cleaned up the mess. When he walked into the kitchen after finishing up in the bedroom, Levi was in there getting more eggs. So naughty. Here are some pics. He was pretty proud of himself. The other day when Emma was at school I had a shower. Amazing...I know. I was impressed that Levi wasn't at the door throwing his usual tantrum while I showered, so I took my time. When I got out I found the source for said quietness. He was covered in a gray powder. It was too dark to be flour or baby powder...so I just followed the footsteps to the living room where I found dental floss strung out all over the floor...3 yogurts and LOTS of spoons. He had painted the table with yogurt and took just a little out of each one. He emptied the fire place and it appears he had a good time doing it. Amazing how much he can "accomplish" in just a few minutes. This is how Levi enjoys ice cream....it is also how I wish I was allowed to enjoy ice cream! HA! Levi gathering items to make himself a smore? Lovin' the hat with the jammies and church shirt. He wears that hat everywhere! He is pretty awesome. And one night he decided to have a party with Emma's pink lipgloss! That stuff is STICKY! We had to wash his hair lots of times to get it out...after we caught him of course. He kept running into the office and shutting the door so we couldn't get in. And he would smash his face on the glass just to make sure he was being super entertaining. He also decided to use Emma's pillow to wipe the pink of his hands. We sure love our crazy little boy and he sure keeps us on our toes! But...I think we would all agree that he is best when he is sleeping!


A finish to spring...

Ivan was pretty busy this spring and had to work a little longer hours for a few weeks. He also worked a couple Saturdays and one Sunday morning. Now that planting is over it has slowed down and we have enjoyed spending lots more time with him. Things are going well at work for him and I think he is really enjoying it. They are remodeling their office this summer and I am dying for him to let me do it! We went to home depot the other day to get wood for a project he has at work and by the time we left I had picked out paint colors for the walls, ceiling and trim as well as new flooring. :) We also got a bunch of flowers for our front flower bed. This house has lots of shrubs and bulbs around it, but the front flower bed is empty. Ivan had also bought some flowers from the FFA in Rosalia. He worked hard and got them all planted for me. I decided to go inside where I wouldn't be eaten alive by mosquitos! There are so many here and they really like me for some reason. Levi got a big bite on the middle of his forehead and the next day it looked like a big goose egg! I need to figure out something to spray in our yard to keep them away...I read on pinterest to use listerine. The mosquitos aren't near as bad as they were in the spring. Maybe it's because there are cows on the property now so they have something else to munch on. Lately Emma has been talking....and talking....and talking....and talking! I just don't know where she gets it! This of course only happens when we are at home...so I get the pleasure of hearing most of that talking. She loves to tell stories and is so funny. She is a very smart little girl and I can't believe she is done with kindergarten! You can see her "talking" in the photo below. She was using her hands alot. hehe
We had lots of fun at soccer this spring. Emma did much better about going out there and "playing" by the end. The last week she even took two steps and ALMOST kicked the ball. During the last game of the season she actually did kick the ball! All the parents and other kids cheered for her...she was super embarrased...but was excited about it after we left. She did fantastic at soccer practice and got right out in the middle with the other kids and has been more aggressive. She just gets confused at the games and doesn't dare budge. It is so fun to watch the kids play when they are this little, something funny seems to happen every game. One of the games Emma got to play against her friend Kyra's team. Kyra is in Emma's primary class and I serve with her mom, Kylie, in the primary presidency. Kyra was the goalie and did a really good job! We have gotten together a few times lately at the park with them and are excited to spend time with them this summer. Kyra has a little sister that is a couple weeks younger than Levi and is sooooo cute. They have fun playing together. Did I mention that it was FREEZING at this particular soccer game? Emma dressed herself that day and picked her shortest shorts and a short sleeve t-shirt. Her coach kept trying to get her to put on a jacket, but I guess she just wanted to freeze. Crazy kid.
After she had her last game the coaches planned a party at a pizza place for the kids. They provided dessert and gave the kids a completion certificate and super cute trophys! The coaches must have paid for the trophys because our friends on the other team didn't get them. Her coaches were really awesome and so patient with all the kids. It is good when you have great people like this in your kids' life. We made them this jar and filled it with swedish fish and gave it to them at the party. .
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