Easter-Visit from Russ & Janelle & the BIG boys.

We were so happy to have Russ and Janelle and the boys come to visit us all the way from Nebraska! They visited over Easter weekend which happened to be their spring break. Mostly I think they just came to hear me speak in Sacrament meeting. :)
The kids were so excited to have cousins come and play. Emma and Levi were waiting outside when they pulled up and Levi was just cheering! I am not sure if I have ever seen him so excited....and I'm not sure how he could even remember them since it had been over a year since we last saw them!
The boys have grown so much! I couldn't believe how tall Hayden is! I think they said he is 6 foot 2! Emma and Levi loved playing with all the boys. All three of the boys are so helpful. Hayden kept asking what he could do for me so I put him to work! He fixed my bathroom door so that it would actually lock, he installed our tv cord cover thingy that was driving me crazy, he also replaced a cupboard door that I had taken off to fix. Dalton loves to do housework. As soon as we were done eating he would ask if he could do the dishes. OF COURSE HE CAN DO THE DISHES! The house we are renting right now doesn't have a dishwasher so this is an even bigger job than usual.

The first night they were here we left the boys with to babysit our kids while the adults when to a marriage class. Ivan and I have been taking this class for a while now on Friday nights and it was one of the last weeks so we didn't want to miss it. We really enjoyed going to the class and meeting all the other couples. Russ and Janelle were good sports to come with us and I think they might have even enjoyed it. We did go to dinner before the class at Cheddars. We really like that place!
On Saturday Ike took Russ and a couple of the boys out to his work for a tour while Janelle and I and the little kids stayed home. We had a really good time watching Janelle and Dalton play ZUMBA on the Wii. They can both really shake them hips! haha No idea why I don't have a picture of that. :*(
When the boys got back from Hereford we drove out to Palo Duro Canyon. We really enjoy having it so close to home. We just drove down through and looked around a little and stopped at the visitors center.

After that we went shopping at Kohls to get Hayden some new church shoes for his GIANT feet. :) Then we randomly decided to visit Cadillac ranch. It is basically just a bunch of cars half buried in a field. You can go and spray paint though and that is the fun part. We didn't take any paint but a nice lady gave us some on her way out and there was plenty laying around. Ivan has a picture of himself on top of one of the cars there when he served his mission in Amarillo. It was kind of fun for him to go back. Russ and Daniel decided to stay in the truck for this one and I think they missed out!

Janelle + Russell
Ike loves me. :)

Even Emma took a turn painting.
She loves Hayden.

This picture cracks me up. Big D.

After we visited Cadillac Ranch we went to dinner at The Plaza which is one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. These Mills' weren't too big of fans. We will have to try something different next time.
On Sunday we enjoyed church followed by a ham dinner with new potatoes and peas. Janelle made an amazing strawberry roll dessert that we gobbled up!
Janelle saw this idea on pinterest and decied to try it. I thought it was funny!

My cute kids in their Easter outfits...and an awesome photo bomb by Hayden. haha
The kids also got baskets from the Easter bunny but I forgot to take a picture. Emma got some fun Easter Veggie Tales DVD's and lots of candy of course. Levi got candy and a book about prayer. Emma decided to trade him though since he can't read. She is so funny.

Russ and Janelle and the boys packed up and headed out that afternoon. We are grateful that they chose to spend their vacation with us and hope to go visit them in Nebraska soon!

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