I think I can, I think I can! I AM going to get this blog up to date!

One of the things I miss about North Dakota in the SKY! Here are some pics we took one night in August. The clouds were doing some funky things and we thought there might be a tornado forming....I was ready to pack up and leave town! lol

I took these pics after I gave Levi a haircut. I sat him in the sink and let him play with the water while I cut his hair and then just washed him off. While I was taking a picture he decided to dump a whole cup of water on the floor!

August 8th we celebrated Ivan's 31st birthday! He loves peanut butter cups so we got him a peanut butter cup ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. It was fun to just celebrate with our little family.

Toward the end of August we decided to have a little campout in our yard Ivan set up the tent, we blew up the air mattress and collected all kinds of pillows and blankets. The kids had lots of fun just jumping around inside the tent. We also bought the movie "RIO" and watched it on the laptop out in the tent and of course we shared lots of treats. We took some awesome "family pics" that I feel just really capture the true spirit of our family! haha And I know that Emma is pretty mellow most of the time and just seems so sweet, but these pictures might prove that untrue! She is soooooo crazy!

We also did a lot of swimming the end of the summer. We really miss our friends in North Dakota.

Then we ended August by celebrating 9 years of marriage and spending some time in Bismarck and attending Stake Conference. We had lots of fun with our friends the Halls. Here are some pictures of the kids by the Bismarck LDS temple.

Thanks for stopping by!