Memorial Day

We had a great weekend...although it wasn't really the weekend that was great. Saturday I got to work all day making beautiful flower arrangements for Memorial Day. It was a VERY VERY long week! Saturday night when I got home from work my dad called and said he and my mom were coming up the next day and were bringing dinner! Sounds good to me! Josh and Trisha were supposed to come too, but Caden got sick at the last minute and they weren't able to come. :( So after my dad called we decided we had better clean our disasterous house! Emma and I had both had strep the week before so we needed to sanitize, it was a long night. On Sunday the power went out during church so everyone got out early! That was awesome until we went without power for 29 hours!!! I'm really not sure what people used to do before electricity! BORING! Luckily we have a gas stove top and were able to still cook dinner. We cooked the potatoes inside and my dad grilled our fabulous ribeyes outside. Great dinner! Thanks Mom and Dad!
After my parents left we went for about a three minute drive when Emma fell asleep. We decided that a nap sounded like a good idea....and it was! Three hours!!! Fantastic! It was just what we needed after last week. That night I read a book, played Tetris on my cell phone, and laughed as Ivan played the same game over and over on his laptop with Emma. We also watched half of Nemo, the battery finally went dead on the laptop. Then it was flashlight games. Emma loves to play with the flashlight. We all fell asleep late that night to me singing Little Bunny Foo Foo!
On Monday Jake and Jamie came up. We went and saw Night at the Museum 2. It was good, but not as good as the first. Emma fell asleep half way through...halelujah! We had a weinie roast that night and made smores. Dusty and KaDee stopped by and also Butch and Marjie. The next day Ike had to work but, Jake and Jamie, and Emma and I went fishing at Mantua Reservoir. We didn't catch anything but we sure had fun! We did get to watch the guy next to us catch lots of fish...hahaha! Emma got to pick out her own fishin' pole, which she loved, and she even got some sunglasses to match. Way fun! Can't wait to do it again. Oh yeah, we also got an ice cream cone on the way home!



So I was kind of a slacker at Easter time. We had a marvelous Easter with family. Like I mentioned before we went to Pleasant Grove for the Mills baby blessing. On Saturday night we went to Debdeb's house and painted Easter eggs with baby Talan. Emma gets really into coloring Easter eggs! Then on Sunday we attended church in Petersons ward because my parents were in sunny Florida. Easter evening we had a Workman family party at my Grandma and Grandpa's house. Ivan dressed up as the Easter bunny! It was super hillarious! He is such a great "hopper." Emma knew it was him as soon as he started talking. She still talks about how silly daddy was wearing that bunny costume. Fun times. I love my family and we love having parties at Grandma's house, but, I don't really love being in charge of the parties. My mom usually does most of the work, but because she was in "sunny florida," I got to be in charge. I think I will leave that job to my mom next time. She does a GREAT job and we appreciate it! :) Emma, Hailey, and, Caden all got to go for a ride on Great Grandma's rascal with Grandpa after the party. They loved every second of it! Thanks Grandpa!

Summertime has arrived!

Today was HOT! Well, really not too hot....but much hotter than it's been. When I got home from work today we set up Emma's little rainbow swimmin' pool. She had so much fun splashing and playing with her tub toys! She was sure that she needed all her "friends" in the pool with her! We will have to do lots of "swimmin'" this summer as I went a little over board with the new swimmin' suits...she now has three! Grandma Barlow bought one though. We are just glad the sunshine has arrived and we can now play in the yard! Ivan and I have been doing a lot of work on the yard this year. Our flower beds are magnificent and hopefully our new little lilac bushes will be happy and thrive. Thanks for all your hard work honey! Oh yeah, and I wanted to thank Ike for his lovely Mothers day tribute. Only a real man can write like that! I love you boy!


We Love Mommy!!!

This is Ivan writing this time, as Mandy has been so terribly busy working at the flower shop this week getting ready for mothers day, and selling Snapbandz too! Since she is so pre-occupied, I thought it would be a great oppurtunity to sneak into her blog and embarrass her. Emalee and I would like everyone to know how wonderful Mandy is to us! I know it is hard to believe, but we like her just the way she is! (only maybe less busy) Life around here is never boring and we can pretty much blame Mandy for that, but really we are blessed by her enthusiasm, talent, humor, creativity, compassion, and most of all love. Emma is so much like her mother! but it can be a good thing as well. Emma is so full of creativity, we always find her making up funny stories, songs, doctrines, and pictures; I am certain she gets her imagination from her mother. As for Emalee's goofy antics; rest assured most of the time her mommy put her up to the them. Whether it is singing all the way to Ogden and back, wearing granny panties on her head, or doing "crazy eyes"; Mandy finally has a willing participant in all the sillyness!


..and since my mother has become a regular to the blogging scene, I want to let her know that we all love her too! Mom has been a great example to me and taken very good care of all her kids and grandkids. One of the surprise blessings we have found since moving next door to Mills Limousin Ranch is how good it has been to have "Marjie Grandma" so close to us. When we are busy with Snapbandz and/or homework, mom has been very willing to take Emma for a few hours and play with her. Emma loves to help grandma bake cookies, and grandma seems to like dancing with Emma?? (its quite a sight)

Thanks Grandma Marjie! we love you too.

--By the way mom, in the probable case you haven't noticed them yet,there is a basket of petunias on the front porch, please keep them alive.
Thanks for stopping by!