Living Planet Aquarium

Fishy faces...if that's what you can call them.

Kate and Dave blessed their new baby the Saturday before Easter. After the blessing we all went to the Living Planet Aquarium. Emma really loved it. I personally thought there were entirely too many people...but that's just me. I guess I am really becoming a country girl. Anyway, here are some pictures.


More Birthday!

For Emma's "real" birthday we went bowling with the Mills family. Russ and Janelle and the boys came, along with Grandma and Grandpa Mills, and Callie. It was so much fun! Emma loved it and keeps asking when we can go again. She was spoiled once again with presents from Russ and Janelle and the boys, and a cowgirl hat and scarf from Grandma and Grandpa Mills. Thanks for coming guys! We need to do that more often!

Birthday, Birthday, and More Birthday

So, Emma might just be the most spoiled kid on the planet. Her birthday this year lasted just over a week. First we had a fun cowboy birthday party at Grandma Barlow's house. The kids got their very own cowboy hats and scarves. We had a rainbow pinata...yes it was very dangerous as you can see from the pictures...cupcakes with green grass frosting and farm animals....and hotdogs and hamburgers to boot! Emma had so much fun and was completely spoiled by her grandparents and cousins...all of which brought a present for her to open. We were happy to get the whole family together!

Fairy Tea Party

It has taken me forever to post this, but here are some pictures from last months Fairy Tea Party at the Provo Library. Hailey and Trisha invited Emma and I to go with them. It was so much fun! The girls were taught a little about manners and how to curtsy. They got to meet the fairy King and have their picture taken with him. They looked so adorable. Then we got to have cookies, cheese, strawberries, and lemon water to drink. I am so glad we went. Emma was totally loving it. It was put on by a professional ballet company. They had the center of the room cleared out and we got to watch these amazing ballerinas do their thing. Hailey was trying to convince us that they were just girls "dressed like" ballerinas! We told her that only "real" ballerinas can dance like that! Fun Fun!

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