Dance Class

Emma started dance class today! She absolutely loved it! They don't let you watch during class but afterward she told me all about it and has been pretending to be the teacher. She even remembers that her teacher had stars on her pants...apparently that is pretty cool. She has been asking since we left when we get to go to dance class again. I think this will be good for her! Cute pictures too!

KaDee Barrel Racing

During the Box Elder County Fair we were able to go see our neice KaDee barrel race and do pole bending. She did really good! It was fun to watch. She even gave Emma a ride on her horse...which Emma loved of course!

Carnival & Rodeo

We had so much fun going to the rodeo and carnival with Emma this year. Ivan won tickets to the rodeo at work for Thursday night so we went to that with his friend from work and his wife. Emma was so fun! I thought that she would be a pain but she loved every minute. Then on Saturday Kate and Dave and their kids came down and we went and played at the carnival and went to the rodeo. Very fun weekend!

Bike Ridin'

A while ago Ivan and I took Emma to the church to ride her bike. She got her bike for her birthday but we haven't had a chance to go and ride...she has done some indoor riding but that's about it. She was hilarious! There was a little bit of grass on the sidewalk and she said she couldn't go over it! So...she got off her bike and attempted to "clean it up." She is a funny girl. Her bike is still a little big for her. Hopefully she will get the hang of it soon! Maybe when she starts to get over her OCD problem...which we really hope she does someday.

Mills Reunion

We had a wonderful Mills Reunion this year. We went up to Logan and rented a house. We got to spend a day at Hyrum Reservoir playing in the water and on Uncle Klade's boat. Russ and Janelle and their family were only able to come up for dinner one night...hopefully next time they can stay the whole time! Emma had tons of fun playing with her cousins. She doesn't get to see that side of the family as often as we would like. Here's some pictures of our adventures.

Swimmin' Lessons

This was quite a while ago...but I love the pics! Emma and her friend Reagan took swim lessons this summer. She paid attention to the teacher but just wouldn't do what she said. She did like to go and swim when the teacher helped her and loved going down the big slide! It was fun!
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